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What is a yoni egg and how do I use one?

Benefits of using a Yoni Egg

Sacred is the place from where we all emanate, it is the source of all life and all possibilities. It holds the mystery and creative power of God, through which , "She" (womb) can manifest anything. It's the supernatural power of source hidden in every soul. Through your womb you can create anything. In your womb resides the recipe of life. The entire Creation has been hidden within you. You hold miraculous energy in your womb. You hold the key to the most powerful chakra in the human body, your Womb Chakra. This chakra is beyond all chakras and is a direct channel, to God/Creator/Universe.

Every human being, both men and women have a Womb Chakra in their being but, women also have a physical womb. This is a special gift from the Divine Creator. It is the incubator where we process the experiences of life. It is the sacred place of manifestation and healing.

Your Womb Chakra is your creative center in which you have the ability to create anything in your life and in the world. It is the electrical spark that makes everything possible. Your Womb Chakra is brilliant with great creativity, radiance and supernatural abilities which makes her a powerful source in life.

Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs are an ancient tool used for revitalization and awakening of feminine energy, enhance kegel exercise, strengthen your pelvic floor & increase sexual pleasure through the use of crystal energy. They have been used by women all over the world for thousands of years for self-care and self-love. They are a powerful medium that can magnetize to you that which is needed to open you to all of the gifts you possess.

  • Heal Emotional Disease and Heartbreak

  • Heal Romantic Relationships – Past and Present

  • Attract and Recognize Your Soul Mate

  • Transform Negative Tendencies

  • Heal the Connection With Your Birth Mother

  • Heal Your Children

  • Control and Balance *Excessive Sexual Energy

  • Assist in Recovery from Sexual Trauma

  • Release Fear and Bring Peace into Your Life

  • Develop Unconditional Love

  • Improve Incontinence

  • Assist in Menopausal Transition

  • Restore Elasticity

  • Increase Sexual Desire

  • Enhance Orgasmic Pleasure

Spiritual Life:

  • Learn to Manifest with Cosmic Energy

  • Awaken Healing Abilities

  • Develop Consciousness

  • Receive Miraculous Abilities

  • Conceive and Develop Spiritually Awakened Children

  • Connect and Reconnect with the Divine

  • Become in Union with Your Womb Center

How to Choose a Yoni Egg

You want to make sure you choose the egg that's right for you. Your Egg will help you to lay a strong foundation physically for your pelvic floor as well helping you to become receptive and sensitive to the energy of the egg you choose. This is because when we have strong muscles we have more nerve endings in our vagina which receive the energy which in turn promotes more sensual feelings. As you become more aware of your body, you'll be able to manipulate your vaginal muscles in order to control your egg.

When choosing a Yoni Egg, large to medium is the way to go to build the walls of your pelvic floor. After you have mastered these two sizes you're ready for the smallest egg.

Yoni Egg Instructions

Connecting with Your Egg:

To acclimate yourself with your egg, you can wear it in your bra. This will get you comfortable with its energy. When the time is right (you will know) you may insert the egg.

In the beginning, only wear it for an hour. As you become more comfortable with the feel of it, you can sleep with it. Sleeping with it inserted will help you to hold it longer. Lying down is easier because it won’t fall out as you’re building the muscles. When you’re ready you can start wearing your egg. Practice wearing it on the weekend or when you will be home all day.

Before Insertion:

*Use a mild soap to wash the egg (Never use harsh detergents on your egg)

*Bring a pot of water to a boil (Never put your egg into boiling water)

*Let the water cool and then place egg in the warm water for 5 minutes

*After 5 minutes, place the egg in a bowl of cold water to cool it down

*You will need to coat the egg with coconut oil before inserting the egg

*Always wash the egg with a mild soap after use and again before inserting

Inserting Your Egg:

When inserting your egg you want to make sure that you are laying down on your back. This will in sure that the egg is positioned high enough to prevent falling out. We recommend that your insert the larger part first so that the smaller side is pointing downward.

To remove, simply get into a deep squat and push using your vaginal muscles.

Kegel Exercise

Laying on our back lift your butt up high in the air keeping your feet on the floor. Now squeeze your pelvic muscles without flexing your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Remember to breath. Now that you have found your pelvic muscles, begin to contract, holding for 5 sec. then release and relax. Repeat 50 times.

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are the only natural, holistic, non-synthetic vaginal weight in the world.

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